Karthik M K

Name Karthik M K
Location India
About Karthik I am an engineer who is fascinated by technology and believes that it is important to learn new things constantly.
Years as vExpert: 2
Employer Broadcom
Blog https://techkmk.com
VMTN Profile Link kmk
LinkedIn Profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/karthik-m-k
Expertise vSphere, NSX
Achieved Certifications CKA,VCP-DVC-2019,DoubleVCP,VCP-DCV-2022,VCP-DC-2020,VCP-NV-2020,VCAP-DCV,VCP-AM-2022,VCIE-DV-2020,VCAP-DV,VCPAM2021,VCMS-CN-2021

Karthik's Badges

Special Honors Subprograms

vExpert Application Modernization