Ryan Klumph

vExpert Information

Name Ryan Klumph
Location United States
Short Description Ryan has been customer-focused since joining VMware in 2011 working in a variety of roles. He is currently a Senior Technical Account Manager with VMware’s Professional Services and has worked with all types of customers in public and private sectors. He has multiple VCP & VCA certifications, as well as Novell’s Certified Linux Administration certification, and is a 5-time recognized vExpert.
Years vExpert
Employer VMware
Blog https://thatvirtualboy.com
Twitter @thatvirtualboy
VMTN Profile rklumph@vmware.com
GitHub thatvirtualboy
Expertise vSphere, End User Computing
Achieved Certifications VCP5-DT, VCA-WM, VCA-CL, CLA-11

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