Roshan Kamalon

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Name Roshan Kamalon
Location India
Short Description I work as a Senior Technical Support Engineer at VMware. I primarily focus on VMware Enterprise PKS and Essential PKS related issues. I have experience of working on vSphere, NSX-T, vRealize Automation, vRealize Business, vRealize Loginsight and VMware Enterprise PKS. My current responsibility is to work with our customer’s and partners on PKS related issues and join hands in helping them to have a better product experience.
Years vExpert
Employer VMware
Twitter @Kontainersin
GitHub rkamalon
Expertise vSphere, vRealize, NSX, Cloud Native Applications
Achieved Certifications VCAP-6, VCP-6.5, VCP-CMA 2019, VCAP-5.5
Other Community Programs CKA, CKAD

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