Lukasz Tworek

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Name Lukasz Tworek
Location Poland
Short Description I'm vmware oriented technical guy which want more and more knowledge
Years vExpert
Employer ATOS
Twitter @TworekLukasz
VMTN Profile n1ghtw4lk3r
LinkedIn Profile
Expertise vSphere, vRealize, NSX
Achieved Certifications vcp7-dca,vcap6-nw deply,vcap7-cma design, vcap7-cma deploy, vcap6-dca,vcp7-cma,vca-dbt, vcp6-cma,vcp6-nw,vca6-cma,vca6-nw,vcp6-dca,vca6-dca,vcp5-dca,vca-dca

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