Robert Alvianus

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Name Robert Alvianus
Location Singapore
Short Description Robert is the Specialist Solution Engineer for Networking and Security Business Unit (NSBU) at VMware. He has been involved in helping customers transforming their data center network infrastructure as they embark on hybrid cloud journey and IT transformation. Robert has technical expertise in network infrastructure technology including network optimization, cloud networking, network security, and other network services. Robert holds various certification including Cisco CCIE-RS #40616, VMware VCIX-NV, AWS certification, F5 Certification, and several IBM Cloud badges. Robert has developed skills in automation, end-to-end service orchestration, and multi-cloud technologies. In his free time, He enjoys reading, cycling, swimming, as well as travelling.
Years vExpert
Employer VMware
VMTN Profile ralvianus
GitHub ralvianus
Expertise NSX
Achieved Certifications VCIX6-NV, CCIE-RS, F5-CA

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